Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daily Article of Interest and Breakdown

Two entries in one day?  What is the world coming to?  Heck, I might even toss in a new feature called article of the day.  I come across so many excellent articles during my reading every morning.  I peruse blogs, newspapers, tv sites, pr sites, and there is an awful lot of good content out there.  Take this entry for instance.  It's from "The Bad Pitch Blog" and has a lovely little blurb that really spoke to me this morning.  Here is the blurb.  For the rest of the entry, go here.

Pledge to Make a Mistake: Promising yourself you'll f-up in 2010 comes with two benefits. Accepting you'll make a mistake allows you to focus on the actual work instead of achieving perfection and dreaming up horrible consequences stemming from the mistake. But more importantly, you'll learn something. It's not whether or not you'll make a mistake, it's how you handle the mistake that will ultimately set you apart -- for better or for worse.

I love it!  Make mistakes, take chances, be bold.  You know, now that I mention it, I think I might really do the daily article thing.  What do you think?  Would it interest you?  I would try to keep it social-media and pr focused, but every now and then I might also toss in other stories of interest, like this one, from the BBC. 

Speaking of taking bold actions and making mistakes, here's a quick look at the headline, and I think you'll understand why I'm linking to it.

BeautifulPeople.com axes holiday weight gain members

BeautifulPeople screenshot
The site is unabashed about its selection criteria
Dating and social network site BeautifulPeople.com has axed some 5,000 members following complaints that they had gained weight.

If you will allow me to digress for just one moment, I just have to say something about this, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I unabashedly admit I will never be accepted into Beautifulpeople.com's database.  I qualify as a "roaming fatty" so...there you go.  No, I wanted to comment on the newsworthiness of this article.

I found the story from a Tweet I saw.  It came from this guy, Duncan Hopwood in England.  Here is his exact Tweet (@Hopwood).

I know it's been a quiet holiday but can't believe the BBC fell for this. http://ow.ly/Sy5l #pr

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