Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Brand New Day!

I've been out of the loop for a couple of days, but there's a good reason why.  That logo you see is what has been taking my time away from you the past week.  The logo belongs to a new company I and a colleague have started called Growing Communications.  Take the time to read what we're about.  I promise you, if you're a small business owner or non-profit, you will find it could change the way you do business.

Imagine going to a restaurant.  We've all done it.  We sit down at the table, someone tells us the specials and we begin to peruse the menu.  The lobster looks great, but a little on the expensive side.  Besides, I don't need lobster, I really just need something that tastes good and won't drain my wallet of all my cash.  I mean, there are other things I could be spending my money on, no need to blow it all on a single dinner, right?

In fact, a number of businesses run this way.  Go to a spa, or a cleaners, or every retail store in the world, and you find you are confronted with choices, tons and tons of choices.  I COULD buy the brand name product, but I could also buy the generic.  Same product, different price. 
One has to wonder why Public Relations and Communications agencies don't work this way.  Too often, small businesses and non-profits go into an agency, tell them they have a project they need help with and the agency comes back with a full package of services that, more often than not, is full of "extras" that aren't necessary.  The price tag also reflects this full service package.  This is one of the reasons why small businesses and non-profits generally have a hard time justifying the price tag when it comes to hiring a PR firm.

But that doesn't negate the need these businesses and non-profits have for quality PR and social media outreach.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply walk into an agency and simply choose from a menu of services, like you do at a restaurant?  Wouldn't you love to have the kind of choices for your PR and social media efforts that you do in other aspects of your life?

Now you do. 

This blog has been focused on helping small businesses and non-profits learn about the many aspects of public relations and social media.  In many cases, my posts have been focused on helping the small business owner or non-profit handle their own efforts.  But it has also been focused on education in general; helping you understand how the industry works so you will be better equipped to make decisions when considering hiring a PR agency.

As a natural extension of this blog, a long time colleague of mine and I have created a new company designed specifically to help small businesses and non-profits meet their PR, social media and internal communications needs. 

Our new company, Growing Communications, uses an innovative menu of services concept that provides options and choices for all of your PR and social media efforts.  Now you can choose only those services you need and pay for only those services. 

If you only need a press release writte, you can choose that.  Need more?  You can choose a number of different choices as well.  Growing Communications also provides packages designed to meet a variety of different needs. 

Because Growing Communications has no storefront, uses only quality, experienced professionals on a job-by-job basis and works in a primarily virtual environment, we are best equipped to meet your needs quickly and expertly without the overhead costs usually associated with most PR firms.

Take a look:

Take a moment to look at our website, join us on Twitter and link to our Facebook page.  This blog will continue to provide quality insight and advice for small businesses and non-profits regarding public relations and social media.

You can always reach me for more information and a complimentary consultation to evaluate your communications needs. 

Send me an email at cdgallegos01@earthlink.net, or at chris.cdlane@gmail.com, or reply to this blog.  You can find our temporary website at, GrowingCommunications.wordpress.com.  And, of course, you can link to our Facebook page and Twitter from our wordpress site.

Let's move forward together and help bring quality public relations and social media to as many small businesses as possible.  Share this with friends who you think might need our help.  We look forward to working with you in the years to come!

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