Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updates, Links and More!

It's almost Spring, and that means time for a little housecleaning and catch-up.  I'm sending some valuable links and a few updates about social media and public relations that will really help out the small business owners and non-profits out there.

First, a couple of links I have to pass on:

The Edit Foundry:  Yes, I posted this link yesterday, and it's on the sidebar of blogs I follow, but I thought it was worth mentioning again because it really gives quality insight and instruction into videography and editing.  For anyone considering doing their own video work, it's a great place to check out. 

P.R. By DeVol:  This is a blog by my old business partner and a longtime friend, Darren Copeland.  Like me he spent the bulk of his career as a journalist and now finds himself in the muckraking world of public relations.  The blog is new, but offers some good insights into social media that you won't find in a lot of more established blogs.  He's been blogging and doing social media for years and now you are the beneficiaries of his experience.

High-Gain Productions:  This is in response to my entry from Monday regarding B-roll.  I'll admit that shooting and editing video CAN be a time consuming exercise for a lot of small businesses and non-profits already pressed for time.  So here is a site, owned and operated by another colleague of mine that exists to help you shoot and post quality video.  Steve Fedoriska and I worked together at KUSA in Denver and he's an award-winning videographer.  Certainly worth taking a look at and hiring when you need some good, video work done quickly.

Mashable.com:  I know I have this in the sidebar as well, but it's such a great source of information on the latest technological advances and improvements in the online and social media world.  If you haven't taken the time to check out this site, do it.  Do it now.

Now for a couple of updates regarding social media:

This article from Inc.com, asks an interesting question and one that every small business owner and non-profit must ask themselves as they manage their own social media campaigns.  While I DO believe that social media is well worth the effort, I also agree that small business owners and non-profits need to have some patience and a long term outlook when it comes to their social media efforts.  Check it out and draw your own conclusions:

Is Social Media Worth Your Time?

Also, for those who might have missed the entry on B-Roll, check it out.  Video should be an essential part of every social media and public relations plan you put together and understanding B-roll, how to shoot it and use it will go a long way to making your pitches successful!

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